Golux Technologies

Quality Dedicated Team

When you have a dedicated team of developers that work on your project, the team’s knowledge about the project, end users and your ideas is increasing over time. This means better quality, more value, and then your project is safely improved day by day.

Dedicated team

Productivity Proactive customer service

More proactivity equals better productivity. A proactive customer service helps us to eliminate problems before they have a chance to appear in their projects. We know that ideal is impossible, but we will always strive for the best possible solution.

Proactivity concept

Success Trustful

We believe that trust is critical to organizational success. Everyone of us needs support and assistance sometimes. In our company, we tend to cultivate honesty and transparency, which help us weather any challenges that may come our way.


Innovation Creative

Our people are always ready to embrace new ideas and improve products, services and processes. We are always trying to make a balance between best practices and new creative ideas while working toward a common goal.

17 Projects Completed
11 Happy Clients
3 In-house projects

Our Core Team

Our core team is responsible for the implementation and delivery of Golux Technologies services.