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Project overview Track all your coins and get notified

With this app you can track every step that you do with your cryptocurrencies. you will be informed instantly when the prices go higher or lower making it easier than ever to get into cryptocurrency trading.

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Admin profile for the trader Transactions of all kind

You can track, add, withdraw, buy, sell and transfer transactions. With that information you can always be aware how much you have in your local currency.

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Notifications Get notified on time

Notifications are the main feature and you can be notified of three different types of events. When the price goes higher or lower by 10% than the price you originally paid you will be alarmed. Besides that you can mark a preferred price for a specific currency and be notified when the price goes higher or lower. And the third type of notifications is when your entire portfolio value goes higher or lower than some fixed price.

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The project is now in its MVP stage, and now we are working on some new features. For backend development we are using Ruby on Rails and MySQL database, and for the frontend development we chose React. There are also mobile apps for Android and iOS for which development we are using React Natve. There are also plenty of 3rd party integrations like Google maps, Sendgrid, Firebase etc.


Project management, Backend development, Frontend development, Mobile development, Design


June, 16 2018


Agile development Ruby on Rails MySQL React React Native

Firebase HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript