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Project overview All statistics for recreational sport leagues

This application provides information, facts and market data on a varied set of topics related to sports and recreation. This includes recreational sport (amateur sports leagues), sports events & activities, marketing, wellness etc..

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Admin profile for sport organisations Organizing leagues and turnaments

Playing in a league or tournament is a lot of fun and with GTC SPORT app it's easier than ever to organize your own leagues or tournaments. You decide how many tournaments you want and GTC SPORT will keep track of individual results and calculate the overall standings for all players and teams.

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Player profile All statistics for players in all leagues

One account, many roles. Player Profile: Advanced match stats, metrics & analytics. Player and team rankings. Team and league profile. Enables you to track stats from season by season and keeps you informed on live match results.

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Delegate profile System for tracking statistics

Delegate is a user role in our app who updates information in real time. All statistics for players and teams are updated live. That's the beauty of our app - everything is live and real.

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Our project had a successful prototype stage, and now we are working on MVP for multiple sports. For backend development we are using Ruby on Rails and MySQL database, and for the frontend development we chose React. For development of mobile Android and iOS apps we selected React Natve. As a search engine, we are using Elastic search, and there are also plenty of third party integrations like social authentication(Google), Google maps, Sendgrid, Stripe etc.


Project management, Backend development, Frontend development, Mobile development, Design.


April, 20 2016


Agile development Ruby on Rails MySQL React React Native

Firebase HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript