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Project overview Connecting teachers and learners

If you are looking to help facilitate conversations and learning activities between students and teachers using the Internet - this application can help you! You might wish to invest a little time and effort into learning about how things work in the app. We learn a lot from our customers who are often very open in sharing information.

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Admin profile English schools Brings teachers to the platform

There is an admin panel that is developed for English language organisations and schools. There are plenty of features like lesson management, class management, overview and statistics about your customers.

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Learner profile Lessons, assessments, stats and much more

If you want to learn English, one of the best ways is to have a buddy with whom you can speak in English. You don't have to go to English speaking countries anymore to hear and talk in English, with this app we bring them to your doorstep.

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This app is developed, and we are working on some new improvements at the moment. For backend development we are using Ruby on Rails and MySQL database, and for the frontend development we chose React. There are also plenty of 3rd party integrations like Google maps, Sendgrid, Firebase etc.


Project management, Backend development, Frontend development, Mobile development, Design.


June, 8 2017


Agile development Ruby on Rails MySQL

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript